A Guide to Editing a PDF File in Windows

PDF files are usually seen and used as “official documents online.” Therefore, knowing how to convert to and from this format is an important professional skill that you must handle. Knowing how to edit and combine PDF files into a single document or change document formats is extremely useful. You can learn how to do it, regardless of the operating system you use and without spending a single coin.

How to Edit a PDF in Windows

Adobe Acrobat is oneediting PDF file of the best PDF readers and editors in the world. The only flaw of Acrobat DC is it is a premium software. This indicates that you have to spend to enjoy using it and completing how to edit a PDF.

There is a free trial option which lets you give it a try, and it comes in handy if you only need to combine a couple of PDF files once or plan to do so soon. For the rest, there are other alternatives on the web that will be more than enough for you when it comes to editing a PDF.

  • Step 1: Download Adobe Acrobat DC free trial version and install.
  • Step 2: After installation, open it and click on the “Tools” tab found in the upper left corner.
  • Step 3: You can then click “Merge Files” option.
  • Step 4: Click “Add Files” button (blue) and choose the PDF documents you want to combine. This particular method is ideal for all file types. You are not limited to PDF.
  • Step 5: After selecting your PDF files, click the “Merge” button found in the upper right section.
  • Step 6: The PDF files you are editing will be condensed into one. You are now required to save it to a new section. You just have to click “File” then “Save As” before selecting a name and new location for this “combined” file.

You can also try other web tools that prove effective in this. Choosing the right PDF editor is essential if you want the best results. You can go through various online reviews that will guide you in identifying the best. Various sites have listed all the comments and information you may wish to know about the available PDF editors. You should also pay a closer look at the features that come with them. Look for one that will let you edit and save your files as required. These simple tips will guide you in choosing the right editor.…

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