Tips for Buying the Best Gaming Card

The graphics card is the most important thing to consider if you want to build a gaming PC. The process of knowing how to purchase a GPU can, unfortunately, be intimidating.

Refresh Rate

Triple-digit refresh rate monitors usually require powerful cards and processors to ensure they reach their full potential. However, you do not need to pay higher for powerful cards, which push the pixels faster than the display can keep up with. This is especially if your monitor tops out at 6oHz and 1080p.

Space and Power

You also need to ensure your case has sufficient room for the card you intend to buy. Your power supply also needs to have enough to spare with the right type of power connectors. This will depend on the card you choose, but it could go up to two 8-pin PCIe.

Monitor Resolution

Most cards are good enough for gaming at 1080p resolution at between 30 and 60fps. However, you should get high-end cards for resolutions near 4K with high in-game settings on demanding titles. So, the kind of monitor you have will determine the card you choose for gaming.


The best way to tell if you are buying the right card is by checking your card’s MSRP or launch price. You can use tools such as CamelCamelCamel to distinguish the fake mark up offerings from the real deals.

CPU Memory

If you spend on graphics and neglect the processor, your system may score well on synthetic benchmarks, but it will not perform well in real gameplays. This is because of its lower minimum frame rates.


It would be best if you got a powerful graphics card for the best performance. Typically, graphic cards do not have large amounts of overclocking. At best, the overclocking is usually between five and ten percent.

Dual Cards

It is also important to avoid dual cards since they are not worth it. Game support for multi-cards had been trending down in the recent past. Therefore, it is wise to get a single can that is affordable. Adding the second card will make more trouble than its worth.…

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